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Frogtranslation provides the most demanding English-speaking clients with the most accurate English to Polish and Polish to English translations. It is a business activity based on self-employment and run single-handedly by me, Monika D±browska (Matykiewicz). This “one-woman” business guarantees an individual approach to every client and source text, and that, in turn, translates into the best quality of target text possible.

With almost twelve years of professional experience, I have gained considerable expertise in the field of translation covering various texts from the domains such as literary, industry, finance, and business. Currently, my main area of activity concerns scientific translations which have allowed me to work with the major Polish universities and their employees. See the list of my clients here. This list is not complete; it just gives you a picture of my background, involvement, and appreciation. Dozens of clients have recognized my professional service, and Polish Wikipedia even mentions my translation of the book by Thomas Dubay. Below, you can find some of my references translated from Polish. The complete list of original references is here.

I cooperate with educated native speakers to make sure your translation is at the highest level of accuracy. My education also supports the quality of services: I have completed both English language and literature studies and postgraduate translation studies, obtaining a Master’s degree in English Studies.

My negotiable translation rates are as follows:

0.12 USD per word

0.10 GBP per word

0.11 EUR per word

However, the elements that need to be taken into consideration to quote your translation project are:

- Subject matter complexity
- Deadline requirements
- Document length
- Document formatting
- Any other specific needs

Therefore, the rates above are only approximate. Feel free to send me an e-mail to get a free quote now!

Monika D±browska (Matykiewicz)

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Justyna Górniak-Zimroz, Ph.D., Eng - Faculty of Geoengineering, Mining and Geology of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology Carefully translated texts, maintaining the correctness of specialist vocabulary. Also, adherence to deadlines and excellent communication skills are the advantages of the cooperation with Ms. Monika D±browska. I hereby recommend the Frogtranslation Office.
Paweł Zgrzebnicki, Ph.D. student at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw I would like to show my gratitude for excellent translations and recommend the services of Ms. Monika D±browska. Many times I have asked Ms. D±browska both for translations in the field of humanities and specialized translations concerning exact sciences. Each time, the work was done without reservations, on time and professionally, and the cooperation was always at the highest level, both substantive and personal - Ms. D±browska is an extraordinarily punctual and thorough person.
Urszula KaĽmierczak, Ph.D., Eng - Wrocław University of Technology Ms. Monika Matykiewicz has translated several specialist scientific texts, maintaining a very high level of execution. I want to recommend Ms. D±browska to those who care about the quality of translated texts and timeliness. An additional advantage of the cooperation is excellent contact with Ms. D±browska, which proves conscientiousness and diligence. Professional approach and good knowledge of specialist terminology make me gladly continue our further collaboration.
Marek Zaręba, Ph.D., Eng - Bialystok University of Technology Monika Matykiewicz, MA, has translated several specialist texts in the field of theoretical electrotechnology for me. In my opinion,the work done by her was timely and professional. English-speaking reviewers have clearly stated that "English is satisfactory." It should be emphasized that contact with the translator is perfect.
Mr. Arkadiusz M. Tomczyk - Ph.D. student at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań I would like to give my references to Ms. Monika Matykiewicz for full professionalism, reliability, and individual approach to the client. All translations were completed on time and with extremely high diligence. Therefore, with full responsibility, I can recommend Monika's translations.
Dominika Cendrowicz, Ph.D. - University of Wrocław Ms. Monika Matykiewicz did a specialized scientific translation for me in the field of administrative law and administrative science. The translation prepared by Ms. Matykiewicz is thoroughly professional and includes all standards relating to scientific translations. Monika, in the translation she carried out, perfectly reflected the specificity of the legal language in the field of administrative law, thanks to which the translation made by her fully reflected the scientific idea I had discussed. Cooperation with Ms. Monika was fully professional. The translation was done in a very short time.
Robert Boroch, Ph.D. - lecturer at the University of WarsawMs. Monika Matykiewicz has translated technical texts at a very high level in the field of sanitary engineering and construction. In cooperation with Ms. Matykiewicz, I especially value the speed and remarkable accuracy of the translated material as well as reliability.Col. Ph.D., Eng. Tomasz Smal - Associate Professor at General Tadeusz Ko¶ciuszko Military University of Land Forces in WroclawMs. Monika Matykiewicz translated texts on the strength and performance properties of adhesives and the possibilities of their use in repairs of machines and technical devices. These texts contained specialized vocabulary in such areas as material durability, materials science and logistic systems of troops. Scientific and popular science articles, as well as scientific monographs, were translated. Ms. Monika Matykiewicz has done translations at a very high level. The high quality of her work can be proved by the fact that the articles she translated were published in renowned foreign journals, including those from the ISI Master Journal List. Reviewers of articles never commented on the quality of English in these texts. Additional advantages of Ms. Monika Matykiewicz's translations - in addition to high quality - are tight deadlines and affordable prices. I highly recommend Ms. Monika's services and her translation offer.
Mr. Waldemar Zubrzycki, among others, Head of the Department for Counterterrorism of the Department of Public Security of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Expert in the Working Party on Terrorism of the Council of the European Union, Member of the Committee of Experts on Terrorism (CODEXTER) of the Council of Europe, Councilor of the Minister in the Department of Analysis and Supervision of the Ministry of Interior and Administration; Assistant Professor at the Institute for Organized Crime and Terrorism Research at the Higher Police School in Szczytno. Cooperation with Ms. Monika Matykiewicz concerned the translation of specialized texts on the security of the Republic of Poland in the context of terrorist threats. Ms. D±browska fulfilled her task without reservation, despite the specific requirements that these texts put before the translator. I recommend her services to authors looking for high quality.
Mariusz Ciszek, Ph.D. - Department of Philosophy and Sociology of Politics of Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities. I want to recommend to you Ms. Monika Matykiewicz's translations from the FROGTRANSLATION Office. She translated for me (from Polish to English) several specialized texts in the field of philosophy. The quality of the translations was very high.

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